Daniel Bembibre's upgrades and feedback

Upgrade in stages is one way to go about in TT tweaking ; no hurry at all, take 
your time and it can be fun too!

Daniel of Spain shares with us his feedback after several upgrades:

Hi Michael,

i receive today my order, all the parts take land in Spain in perfect shape. 

Installation was very easy, the only thing with the subplatter was the necessity of change my blue Edwards audio belt (33.1rpm) by the default black rega (33.3rpm) to increase the speed of the platter. 

All work fine, with good pitch stability, and the feet are great

Thanks a lot. 

Keep in touch 

Best regards from Spain

Daniel has added some new upgrades : Dual Pulley and silicone belts!

He is happily enjoying analogue music with his "NEW" TT!

Hi Michael,

I received and installed, sound fantastic, i test with my Ortofon 2M bronze and Goldring 2400, and i have noticed with a very good bass, sound more rich and clean.

Thanks Daniel

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Miro's RP-3 TT upgrades

Every stage of tweaking and upgrade to a Rega turntable brings about sonic improvement....  as you can see from the effort of everyone who shares his experience here!

Today sharing with us here is Miro's (of Croatia) RP3 with various upgrades. Let see what he has to say ....


Dear Michael, 

At last I got to write the feedback on the upgrades and snap some photos, so here it is: 

Upgrades for my Rega RP3 were installed in three stages 

I) adjustable aluminium feet

II) dual pulley with two silicone belts, aluminium subplatter 

III) counterweight 

Even though every stage contributed to the sonic improvement, the biggest changes came after installation of the subplatter and counterweight. Overall the soundstage is bigger, bass sounds tighter and deeper with improved dynamics. Also noise floor was significantly reduced. I am very pleased with the ease of installation and the quality of the parts. 

Thanks for the great products! 

All the best in 2017! 
Br, Miro

Thanks, Miro!

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Hi Mr Lim, 

I have the pleasure to inform you that yesterday I received your parcel containing the pulley that I had ordered. 

After getting it in my hands I immediately appreciated its substantial weight and 'extreme accuracy of the invoice. I easily removed the old plastic pulley (with hands).

To fit the new pulley on the shaft of the motor I used a spray lubricant and the transaction was completed in a very short time and with success. 

After I turned on my system and after an hour I started listening to some of my favorite LP. I was amazed by the excellent positive result. I can safely say that the sound has improved on all parameters and in particular: 

- Greater sense of dynamics with excellent bass control. 
- Greater distinction of sound levels with a scene in clearest detail. 

The consequence of all this has turned into a desire to raise more and more the volume of! 

I highly recommend to all this. 

From now on my Rega Planar 3 has been enriched by a beautiful new story! 

Thank you, 

Thanks, Alfred!

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Stainless Steel Disc stabilizer

               Model RC-ST  :   USD45.00
               Weight : ~392g ( ~13.8 oz)
               Height : ~31mm (~1-7/32")
               Diameter : ~ 63.5mm (~2-1/2")
               Spindle hole depth: ~25mm (~ 1")
A stabilizer is used to provide tighter coupling of disc to the turntable. It's even more so for slightly warped records. 

As we know disc stabilizers come in many forms and shapes in addition to different materials. And for this disc stabiliser, other than the weight (lower section) is of stainless steel, the handle is made of light weight alloy. It's designed so to reduce the weight in the inner segment which would improve the moment of inertia when the platter turns, without adding unnecessary extra burden to the main bearing. 

It is able to accommodate top spindle height of up to 25mm(~1") and will not damage the stylus in the event that the cartridge knock against the stabilizer weight when the needle runs over the record label.

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Sean of California had upgraded his P3-24

Sean of California has just completed his new Rega project.

Beautiful, isn't it?

It's almost a completely new TT now with all the upgrades:
- stainless steel dual pulley
- aluminium sub-platter
- acrylic platter
- bronze bearing hub
- tonearm stabilizer
- motor isolation base
- acrylic isolation platform
- braced acrylic plinth and Audiomods tonearm.

Here's Sean's feedback :

Hi Michael. 

I was finally able to get the table together. I was waiting on the custom arm. Everything worked except the VTA adjuster but that's going on my other table. Audiomods included their VTA system for free. 

It looks great and sounds fantastic. The "Rega sound" is still there but it's much more like an P9 and P10 than a P3 due to the massive improvement in accuracy and dynamics. Also that instant start up is quite amazing and speed is spot-on

Thanks again! 


Thanks Sean!

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